Megadžouls Ltd. was founded in 2005 with the goal to concentrate on the moving of equipment and workbenches. The founders and managers of the company had experience in rigging already since 1986, working first in Rīgas Ekspresī, then in Visvaris Ltd. In accordance with the company’s goal, the technical base is constantly being improved and cooperation with various suppliers of load-lifting services is expanding.

Leading experts of the company have 30 years of experience in the field of rigging.

The employees are regularly instructed in safety precautions and pass medical examination. They have driver’s licenses for front forklifts and cargo fastening certificates.


Engineering, auxiliary equipment

We have necessary auxiliary equipment for rigging work:

Hydraulic jacks, maximum lifting capacity – 20 tons;

Roller platforms, maximum carrying capacity – 12 tons;

Turning roller platforms, maximum load-bearing capacity – 16 tons;

Hydraulic pallet trucks with maximum load capacity of 3 tons and maximum fork length of 2.2 meters;

Mechanical chain tractors with maximum lifting capacity of 5 tons.

For a long time the company has been cooperating with various suppliers of loading services: truck cranes, front forklifts, telescopic forklifts, articulating cranes.

We cooperate with transport companies: trucks, large cargo platforms.

Work safety, guarantees

Our main task is to carry out the work safely, reducing the risk to a minimum. Therefore, at first we inspect and assess the working conditions, together with the customer we are looking for the safest and most rational working solution. At the request of the customer a contract is concluded.

The company has standard liability insurance of work with a limit of liability of 200.000 EUR, but at the request of the customer we can conclude an insurance contract for a specific type of work.