Moving and transporting equipment

We provide all kinds of rigging works.
First of all, we provide an assessment of working conditions in order to find the most reliable technical solutions, provide the necessary hoisting and transport equipment, technical equipment and auxiliary materials. We have liability insurance of work, but it is possible to conclude an additional insurance contract for a particular type of work.
We have extensive experience in working with equipment and machines:
Unloading and loading operations in containers or on vehicles;
Pallet unloading, loading on pallets;
Moving items indoors and outdoors;
Loading and unloading through windows;
Installation and dismantling work;
Transportation work.
We accumulated experience in rigging, moving various equipment:
Equipment, machines and workbenches for printing houses,;
Metalworking equipment and workbenches;
Woodworking equipment, workbenches;
Equipment and machinery for the food industry;
Equipment and machinery for the pharmaceutical industry;
Medical equipment and devices;
Laboratory equipment and devices;
Equipment and devices for ventilation and air conditioning;
Generators, electric motors,
Armored doors, safes.